About us

BlueLots is a B2B marketplace that connects small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking for additional income with sources of bulk liquidation inventory to resell for a profit.

Some of the largest retailers in the world, as well as wholesale and closeout suppliers, sell their excess inventory on our marketplace. Our goal is to make it easy for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses by providing access to great inventory, exceptional software, and high quality support to fuel our buyers' success.

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Our Customers Love Us

I think I have my new favorite distributor

"I think I have my new favorite distributor, BlueLots. Two box loads arrived neatly packed with items that, unlike others I have dealt with, were actually new. Only one toy package had a tear in a corner. I can easily accept that.

It came with a package slip and the manifest was 100% accurate. Add to that the fact that everything was clean looking, and I’m sold. I took unboxing photos."

- David H.

BlueLots Is Amazing!

"I was in contact with Jesse, he was quick to get back to me when I getting and arranging my order for 3 pallets. SUPER NICE! super helpful. I scheduled pick up and had ZERO issues. Stuff was ready when the truck arrived. Loaded fast. I got three beautiful pallets!! <3 Thank you so much! wonderful stuff!"

- Barbie D.

Transaction was smooth!

"Transaction was smooth! And product was as described on my 1st lot, so I ordered 3 more. BlueLots by far has the best wholesale products. Now I have to do my part and make a profit!"

- Anthony G.

Positive review of BlueLots!

"Got my order today. It was a lot of 60 new health/beauty type items. All the items are far enough out on the expiration date I can sell back on Amazon. I was missing one item from the manifest and 3 were open, not really safe for resale, but Jesse made it right within minutes. I was pleasantly stunned. I will definitely be ordering from them again. The Best deal I’ve gotten since I started this journey."

- David S.